About Us

Always Bouquets & Pleasant Surprises was established in 1997. We not only help you to choose the perfect flowers for any occasion, you can use our design expertise to create the perfect arrangement. Talk with the florist about your plans and they can help you come up with the perfect flowers that will make your arrangement uniquely beautiful. From simple arrangements using a single type of flower, to striking arrangements created with the use of multiple species of flowers, Always Bouquets & Pleasant Surprises can create whatever you can imagine.

Flowers are appropriate for any occasion or simply to let someone know you’re thinking about them. Flowers say congratulations on the new baby or well deserved promotion. They’re sent as a sign of sympathy at someone’s passing and they’re the perfect birthday gift or a way to offer an apology. At Always Bouquets & Pleasant Surprises we are familiar with all the reasons that people give flowers and can assist you in choosing the ideal flowers for any occasion. Talk with us today for the perfect floral solution.

Always Bouquets & Pleasant Surprises can also give you advice on how to properly care for your flowers to keep them looking their best as long as possible. You can even get advice on how to preserve your flowers. Flowers are often used to celebrate a special event or occasion and many people want to find a way of preserving their flowers.