Red Roses

Meanings of the rose

red rose small“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” William Shakespeare

So you want to send a special someone roses whether it be for Valentine’s Day or to say “Thank You” or “I’d like to see this go somewhere”,  but you’re not quite sure whether you should send pink, white, yellow, red, or lavender!  There are so many colors to choose from, and we won’t even begin to get into the different species of roses.  Here we have the meaning behind the colors of the most popular roses:

  • Red-The most obvious of all…the red rose stands for love…it’s sultry, bold and romantic.
  • Pink-You’re always safe sending pink roses if you’re in a new relationship.  It implies that love is just around the corner.  A delicate pink rose is a symbol of admiration.
  • White-A heavenly white rose is the perfect sentiment for a friend.  It also implies a new beginning, innocence and purity.   It is often used in tribute arrangements as well.
  • Yellow-Spunky, fun, happy are all words that come to mind when you see a yellow rose.  Yellow roses are sure to brighten anyone’s day!
  • Lavender-Love at first sight, this color also conveys longing, desire and passion!

A single rose says a lot and a lot more distinctly. Find out it what it says in different colors.

  • A single red  says: “I love you”
  • A single pink  says: “I like you”
  • A single white  says: “My feelings are pure”
  • A single yellow  says: “You bring joy to my life” “Let’s be friends”
  • A single lavender  says: “I am enchanted by you”

Twenty-five red roses are traditionally used to say “Congratulations”. However, now that you have some idea of color symbolism in roses you may creatively substitute another color to further enliven the message.

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